Aug 052013

Dear compatriots:

I have just become obsessed with staring at the conceptual drawing of the Borei Angkor Project every evening after work, my wife seems to understand it well and leaves me to dream in this little corner of our home.

The more I stare at it, the more it comes alive, especially when I hear Bong Ok Soeum announcing on WKR the names of countless of our enthusiastic compatriots, thousands of miles apart, who scrape pennies and dimes to support Borei Angkor, the CNRF, and WKR. All of us have given life to the initiative of the leading team, and will continue to provide full support to make it a reality.

I’m sharing the photos of my work station where the plan is laid out, to record our collective and courageous journey in the hope of RESURRECTING the Spirit of our Ancestors and countless of our departed patriots and heroes who have made sacrifices for our nation and civilization.

I can sense the power of our collective wish and desire to see the project grow out of this muddy wheat field and pine grove of North Carolina expeditiously. There will be adversities and setbacks ahead, but our passion is too strong: Borei Angkor must take priority and we CANNOT FAIL.

I salute our supporter families worldwide.

BA proj eng1BA proj eng9

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